Achieve and maintain the strongest and most balanced immune system possible. Rather than treat symptoms of immune-related diseases and disorders, IMMUNOe Health Centers uses an integrated, preventive approach tailored to your individual needs. With its focus on early diagnosis, specialized treatment and clinical research, IMMUNOe is a recognized leader in immune health.


About IMMUNOe Health

Allergy & Asthma

We believe that a non-regulated allergy can lead the immune system in the wrong direction, towards asthma or worse, autoimmune disease. Find out how we can help.

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IMMUNOe Health Centers focus on the immune system as a core basis to study various diseases, stemming from a proprietary diagnostic platform.

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The focus of our neuroimmune center is to study, treat and research all the spectrum of neuroimmune inflammatory diseases. Learn about our Neuro-Immune division.

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We have developed a comprehensive approach to reducing the negative—and often life-altering–impact these triggers can have on your overall health.

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Patient Testimonials


I highly recommend IMMUNOe centers. Very helpful and professional staff each time. I won't go anywhere else!

Dr. Melamed and the nurses and office staff are kind, helpful and knowledgeable. We are really grateful for the care we have received at your office! Dr. Melamed takes my concerns seriously and wants to help. We really appreciate that!

I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for Dr. Sarid and staff. The extensive knowledge and guidance has been such an enormous boost in my morale, as I have dealt with severe allergies for well over 25 years. Much gratitude. Thank you!

Always excellent care when receiving my infusions.

Everyone is always willing to help - and at the same time they give you enough space to get things done while you are there.

Dr. O'Brien was the best!  He was informative, aggressive in the treatment plan so I could get better faster, and gave me next steps.  My symptoms calmed down within 48 hours!


Dr. O'Brien and the nurses are always there to help and are always very kind and courteous. Thanks to IMMUNOe, they keep me feeling good!


I saw Dr. O'Brien at 5 pm on Friday night and he was very friendly and made sure to answer all my questions. Even though he probably wanted to get home from a long week he never once made me feel rushed. Dr. Melamed and Dr O'Brien are both exceptional doctors!


Despite a very busy day at Clinic,all rose to the occasion and Dr. Melamed was fully in charge and then, made sure to give me time and answer questions that he could.during our consult. I was very appreciative of the opportunity to have infusion the next day,

04/15/16 Absolutely love Dr. Sarid! I finally feel like we are moving forward and making progress toward helping me to feel better.