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Achieve and maintain the strongest and most balanced immune system possible. Rather than treat symptoms of immune-related diseases and disorders, IMMUNOe Health Centers uses an integrated, preventive approach tailored to your individual needs. With its focus on early diagnosis, specialized treatment and clinical research, IMMUNOe is a recognized leader in immune health.


About IMMUNOe Health

Allergy & Asthma

We believe that a non-regulated allergy can lead the immune system in the wrong direction, towards asthma—or worse—autoimmune disease. Find out how we can help.

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IMMUNOe Health Centers focus on the immune system as a core basis to study various diseases, stemming from a proprietary diagnostic platform.

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The focus of our neuroimmune center is to study, treat, and research all the spectrum of neuroimmune inflammatory diseases.

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We have developed a comprehensive approach to reducing the negative—and often life-altering—impact these triggers can have on your overall health.

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