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An integrated approach to immune health.

Infections, genes, nutrition, lifestyle and the environment can all affect your immune system’s ability to maintain your total health and well-being. IMMUNOe believes a strong immune system can fight off diseases, infections and all manner of illnesses. So rather than treat symptoms, we evaluate each trigger’s role in inflammation, activation and regulation of your immune system.

This whole system approach enables us to provide each IMMUNOe patient:

  • Highly individualized immune system evaluation
  • Early diagnosis and intervention
  • Understanding of the immune process
  • Integrated therapeutic approach

A personal philosophy of care.

Isn’t it time to have healthcare providers who listen, engage and most of all, encourage active participation in your healthcare? Dr. Isaac Melamed has assembled a caring, dedicated staff that does just that. Learn more about our Providers.

About Isaac Melamed, M.D.

A respected leader in immunology and immune-related disease, Dr. Isaac Melamed has focused on
clinical practice and research for over 25 years. Dr. Melamed has published more than 100 papers
and presented and lectured in national and international settings. His major concentration is
primary and secondary immune deficiency, immune-related disease and the crosstalk between the
immune system and the central nervous system. His mission is early intervention to ensure
his patients optimal health.