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IMMUNOe Health Centers gives special importance to creating lasting relationships with all the members of our team.

We believe in motivating employees with continuous learning and development skills so that they develop and grow, not only as professionals, but as people of good morals and values.

We strive to promote an environment that allows each member of our team to project their attributes and demonstrate their ideas. In addition to being a company that fosters teamwork, we make sure that all employees from different areas understand of our organization, so that they understand the impact of their work at IMMUNOe, and foster their commitment.

Our staff is the key to providing our patients the level of excellence we pride ourselves on. Accordingly, we offer our employees a comprehensive benefit package with a very rich employer contribution, employer 401k matching, and a very competitive Paid Time Off package. Qualified candidates must submit a resume detailing applicable skills, abilities, and experience to