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Being chronically ill is definitely a challenge especially when you are missing a lot of school.  When I was younger I missed a lot of school due to illness and infusions.  Trying to keep up with the missing school assignments was a struggle at times.

I diagnosed with CVID at 11 years old. My parents always spoke with the administration and as needed, the teachers. Early on, I sometimes found it intimidating to approach my teachers personally when I needed to get homework from being out sick or for infusions.

The older I got I found out the best resource I had was to keep an open dialogue with my teachers.  I learned to really explain what my health struggles were and to give them warning if I knew I was going to have absences coming up.  They were usually very understanding and would take extra time to help catch me up with some of the information I missed.

My parents and older sister were also a great resource for me and would spend a lot of extra time tutoring me to help make sure I understood the material I had missed.  I had to learn how to become disciplined enough to do my missing assignments at home and at the doctor’s office.

Instead of watching TV or sometimes going out with friends I had to spend a lot of time reading and catching up on the material I missed. But I want to really encourage those that are struggling because I was able to be on honor roll, graduate on time with my class, and go on to college.  Chronic illness might make the path more challenging but it is definitely achievable.

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