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Managing a headache at work can be a challenge. If you feel a headache coming on at work, please follow these steps:

  • At the first sign, take pain relief medication: Wishing that it will just go away is not the answer, especially if your headache is a migraine. People who suffer from migraines that are preceded by flashes of light, called aura, should use that as a signal to take pain relief medication immediately. Don’t wait for your headache to fully kick in.
  • Drink plenty of water with your headache medicine: Dehydration can be the cause of your headache long before you ever feel thirsty. Air conditioning during the summer and certain types of heat in the winter can dry out your office atmosphere, adding to the problem. Keep sipping water throughout the day to help avoid a headache.
  • Take a break from all stressors: Try to spend a few minutes away from the computer screen, the intense work concentration, the ringing phone, and all the sensory stimuli which caused or can worsen your headache. Make sure to also give your medication some time to work before you resume your activities.



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