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HAE Warning Sign

My HAE Flare Warning Signs

I’m beginning to see behavioral patterns I have before I get an HAE (Hereditary Angioedema) flare.  I always thought these were just odd personality quirks that I have, but now I can see correlations to my behavior and the onset of a flare.  I find it is beneficial for me to recognize these patterns before the flares actually occur. A few hours before a flare I notice I start becoming a little anxious.  I know everyone deals with anxiety differently.  For me this usually results with cleaning the house frantically or become very actively busy.  I notice a change in my mood as well.  My patience is shorter and I usually get a little grumpy.  After that, I start getting extreme exhaustion.  When I say exhaustion I mean exhaustion! Sometimes I have a hard time even moving very much. I typically find myself craving sugar or caffeine to counter the dip in energy.  Usually with the onset of fatigue, a headache accompanies it.  I also now know to look for a rash. I always get a red/splotchy rash before a flare.  My rash typically is on my jaw and neck because most of my flares are predominantly on my face.  Along with a rash sometimes, but not always, I have tingling that accompanies the swelling.  When I notice these symptoms, I know what is happening and I’m able to get the medications that I need to treat my HAE before it gets too severe.

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