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In Colorado, a variety of pollen’s and other airborne irritants are abundant this time of year.  Pollen’s are the way plants and trees reproduce and these tiny particles can be present in tremendous, even visible, volumes during the warmer months. Typically, trees begin to pollinate as early as February and continue throughout the Summer.  Certain trees, like Cottonwood, a common tree on the front range, peak in the late Spring months.

In the middle Spring, grasses begin to pollinate too, and will continue until the end of Summer.   Outdoor molds such as Alternaria can be present this time of year too.  These pollen’s can be extremely irritating to people who are allergic causing runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, wheezing and/or irritated skin.  If you are concerned about allergies, these are relatively east to test for and potentially curable if treated by an allergist!

Dr. Edan Sarid

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