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When a migraine attack occurs, chances are you will probably avoid showering, since it might wear you out and increase your pain. Here are some strategies to help you during these circumstances:

  • Make the water as hot as you need it in order to be comfortable. Keeping the water too hot can make your head pound, unless your migraines happen to be relieved by hot water. At the same time, water that is too cold can make your muscles tense up, which can potentially worsen your attack.
  • Try a Navy shower. This is where you turn the water off after you are wet and soaped up, and then turn the water back on just to rinse off.
  • Spend less time under the water by applying soap only on the smelliest parts.
  • A cool rinse at the end of your shower can help revive you, but be sure not to make the water too cold so that your muscles become tense.
  • Instead of taking a shower, take a shallow bath instead. Make sure the water isn’t too hot. The benefit of a bath is that you can sit down while you are cleaning yourself. If you don’t like the idea of not rinsing, do a quick rinse under the shower when you are finished.
  • If you are sensitive to odors, and your water source is chlorinated (because most cities and towns tend to chlorinate their water to some degree), get a chlorine filter for your shower head. The filter will also help to avoid making your skin dry.



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