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(C) Glen Randall

(C) Glen Randall

IMMUNOe and Horizon Patient Testimonial

As much as I love winter time being immune deficient definitely makes it harder.  The kids being in school means germs are more prevalent around the house.  That adds another level of complexity trying to stay healthy.  Unfortunately germs are a part of life and as much as I hope to stay well sometimes they are unavoidable.  Being on IVIG has greatly reduced the number of infections that I get.  Before I started IVIG, when I would get sick, I inevitably would end up with an illness that would require a trip to the doctor and a round of antibiotics to get over it.  Now I am able to get over more illnesses without necessarily needing antibiotics to recover.  My family also is very supportive during this time and make sure they wash their hands and do other preventative measure to help me stay as healthy as possibly. When I go in public I am very diligent about washing my hands when I get home.  My doctor gave me great advice about even taking a shower and putting on clean clothes after being in public during flu season. I’ve found that getting enough sleep is more vital than ever.  I find it hard to take time to rest especially when I have a full schedule. However, if I take time to rest instead of over taxing my body I’m more likely to avoid illness.

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