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Supporting a Young Migraine Sufferer

by admin

If your child suffers from migraines, it can unfortunately have an enormous impact on his or her life. Besides the physical pain and discomfort of an attack, some migraine symptoms can be quite frightening to him or her, especially when they happen for the first time. Your child might feel anxious …

Handling Migraines at School

by admin

It is difficult enough for a child or teen to have to experience a migraine at home. When one occurs at school, it can be even more difficult for him or her. Luckily, there are ways to prepare your child for a migraine at school: Learn the basics about it and the specific type of …

Teenage Headaches During Puberty

by admin

Between homework, after school activities, sports and hormones, it isn’t too hard to see that a teenage might get a headache every once in a while. According to the American Family Physician, frequency of headaches increases as children start to grow. 37% to 51% of children who are at least 7 yea …