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At IMMUNOe Health Centers, we believe that early intervention is crucial when it comes to dealing with asthma. Why? Because:

  • If left untreated, children who have severe asthma are more likely to still have asthma – as well as COPD – when they reach adulthood.
  • The earlier symptoms are treated, the greater the possibility that permanent lung damage can be avoided.
  • Patients who are able to achieve asthma control early in life enjoy wide-ranging health benefits as they age.

At IMMUNOe, we don’t simply treat symptoms, we really focusing on finding the the root causes for the inflammations leading to asthma to put a stop to the allergic march.

Our Research Centers are currently enrolling patients for different Asthma Clinical Studies. If you or someone you know are interested in participating, call 303.771.9000 for more information. Compensation for participation is available.



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