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Rocky Mountain MS Clinic

An IMMUNOe Infusion patients shares her tips on how she preps for her infusion appointments.

After being on IVIG infusions for 15 years I have learned 4 tips and tricks that might help you.

  1.  I experience different side effects with different brands. When I first started, I struggled with migraines after infusions even if I used pre-medication. After being on different products I found one that works the best for me. I thought it was interesting that with some products I was more fatigued, had headaches, nausea, etc. than with other ones. The product that I’m on now I don’t need to use any pre-medication and I rarely encounter any side effects other than maybe a mild headache after some infusions.
  2. For me, IVIG is not always an instant result. I had to give myself a few months to see the effects of the medication working. Being on the medication doesn’t mean that I never have infections, but they are greatly reduced in number. My joints have continually become less painful the longer I have been on treatment. My fatigue has also greatly improved over time. Keeping notes helped me to realize how far I’ve come and how much better I am.
  3. Staying hydrated has greatly reduced my side effects from IVIG. My doctor said that I should drink water with electrolytes or sports drinks with electrolytes instead of just water. I make sure to drink plenty before and after infusions as well.
  4. Before getting my infusions, I purposely try to stay extra warm. Staying warm usually makes it easier when they try to get an IV going because my veins are already more visible.

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