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For many allergy sufferers, winter weather can bring a welcome reprieve from allergens most common during warmer seasons.  However, for those who suffer from winter or year-round allergies, the cold weather brings no such relief.

Do you find yourself sneezing and coughing, never able to shake that eternal cold?  You may be suffering from winter allergies.  As opposed to summer allergies, many allergens that bother those with winter allergies can be found indoors.  Mold, dust, smoke, animal dander, and other household allergens tend to be more irritating during the winter, as the cold weather keeps people indoors more.  Closed windows and blasting heat can also contribute to poor air quality which increases the symptoms of both allergies and asthma.

How can you tell if you have allergies?  Unlike a cold, allergies are not usually accompanied by fatigue, soreness, and nausea.  Winter allergies tend to be chronic, and can last the entire season.  If you think you may be suffering from winter or year-round allergies, contact your doctor to determine a treatment plan.  If you suffer from allergies and are interested in participating in a clinical trial of new therapies, please visit: http://immunoeresearch.com/current-studies/allergies/

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